In an effort to minimise customer downtime and improve application support efficiency, Chameleon Colour Services offers a service with a remote access support system to reduce the need for a site visit in the event of a software issue (installation, optimisation, integration,upgrades etc).

As an additional service I can notify you when there is a new version of your software available and assist with your upgrade remotely or onsite depending on your preference.  The remote update will be done without any charges when you have a support agreement in place.

If you do not have software or prefer not to use the internet to access your computers, remote support, advice or consultancy for instrumentation or software can still be done using email and telephone.

By reducing the number of instances where a site visit is made, We can improve my ability to quickly respond to queries.  We use a secure and encrypted connection to work on your computer over the internet and will be able to talk through the issue with you over the phone if necessary.  Very often issues arise that can be resolved in a short consultation over the internet, it’s much easier to see the problem when connected to your own PC desktop, so this can save time for everyone.  If the issue cannot be resolved by remote access, a physical site visit may then be required.


Currently we offer a choice of 2 service plans:

Silver Level.       Remote access service subscription which covers the cost of remote access for a period of 12 months for a fixed fee per annum.  Subscription service customers will also receive priority queuing for the service during busy periods.  In the event that a physical site visit is required, visits will be charged at a more preferential rate per day, not including expenses).

Gold Level.       Remote access service, including one site visit.  Users of the service will receive the benefits of the remote access subscription but also benefit from one inclusive site visit (not including expenses) during the course of the subscription period.  This is a better option for new users who may need a more extensive setup and system integration, additional training or consultancy, or can be used for any other relevant purpose.


Support, training or consultancy can also be offered on an ad hoc basis, if you don't wish to commit to a signed agreement, please get in touch for more details.

To find out more or to set up a support agreement please contact us here or by telephone.


Software Sales

Chameleon Colour Services can provide software for all your measurement needs from simple colour checking to predicted colour formulation for many applications.  It works with most popular Spectrophotometers and Chromameters.  The OnColor software is written in the United States of America by CyberChrome Inc.   Please contact us for more information.

The QuickMatch software from Colour Computers Limited in the UK has been supported for many years and may still be available as an upgrade or new option, contact us for more information too.