Chameleon Colour Services (UK) Limited

Do you have any colour issues in QA or QC with measuring, controlling, specifying or reproducing particular colour standards?


Have you had training in the past but those people with that specific knowledge have moved on and now you need some refresher training for other staff?


Do you want to be able to call and get a more immediate response when your need for assistance arises?


Chameleon Colour Services (UK) Limited have the knowledge and experience to help you!


Covering all applications that might have need for Spectrophotometers or Colorimeters with or without software to quantify, control and/or reproduce Standard or Target colours.


Since December 2016, Chameleon Colour Services has also been working with, and supporting, the DigiEye colour measurement system from Verivide in Leicester.  This system is highly effective and accurate for many colour applications, especially where Spectrophotometers and Colour meters aren't so effective.  Check it out here....https://www.verivide.com/category-list/digieye-system.


 Some examples of applications supported, but by no means everything, may be from Paints, Plastics, Textiles, Food Industry, Automotive, Ceramics, R&D, Heritage and conservation.  Basically any application where colour might be an issue and needs to be consistently and accurately quantified.


Chameleon Colour Services (UK) Limited is able to provide software to work with most popular Spectrophotometers and Chromameters.  The Software is called OnColor and is from CyberChrome Inc. in the United States of America. It is compatible with most current operating systems and there are different levels depending on whether you want simple colour checking or more advanced predicted colour formulation.


Do you have an old version of the Minolta or Konica Minolta SpectraMagic, SpectraQC or SpectraMatch software for Spectrophotometers or Colorimeters and are perhaps interested in updating to one that will work on the latest operating systems?  Do you need to update your computer systems from Windows XP or older? Often these older versions will not work properly on Windows 7 or 8 or 10, however there is a solution! OnColor software will open with your old data files and is compatible with the latest Microsoft operating systems but still has drivers for many older Minolta or Konica Minolta meters. Please contact us for more information!